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A Life Lived Well

Welcome. This blog is a representation of everything I find wonderful and inspiring in life. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy it.

For the anon,:) 1 John 4:19 says, "we love because He first loved us," We are made in His image, and His image is love. And it's a humbling process when we realize that we are His creation and that we are a wretched sinner in need of a loving Savior. But don't let the enemy deceive you, once you accept Christ into your heart and choose to follow Him, you are made new and God sees you through Jesus' eyes. He sees you as perfect love, not wretched. So I hope you find some comfort in these words:)

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I also got this from another follower:

…I could only add what a good priest once reminded my congregation: that when we get to the judgement bar and have our sins shown to us so we truly and fully understand what they were, see what we were hiding from our own knowledge, see how they affected others, when it comes time to pronounce sentence, the verdict will be “free to go, your sentence has already been served”. Served by Jesus Christ.

Thanks to both of you for chipping in. :)

A brief note

Following some of my posts about my faith that I posted recently, I got a few anonymous messages from people who are very angry with me either for being a Christian, or for talking about it - probably both.

I won’t be publishing those messages.

If you actually want to have a conversation with me about my faith, then you can message me privately and I’d be happy to talk about it. Otherwise, feel free to publish your manifestos on your own blogs. 

I'm not the other shade wearing featureless visitor you replied to earlier but will choose anonymity as well, as in part, upon first glance, it appears you do to. Their statement, one of provocation, does indeed lack argument, but having supplied an ounce yourself, my question is more whether they intended to challenge your faith or not, how much have you? You accuse them of not thinking, but how much have you questioned? how much of the bible do you genuinely practice?

You’re referring to this.

You’re right, there is very little personal content on my blog and I’m so private that I want to keep it that way, but I will answer this message. If you want to talk about this any further though, please message me off anonymous. I always respond privately. 

How much of the bible do you genuinely practice? - I’ll start with the simpler question: I could give you a whole list of ways in which I have sinned in the past 24 hours alone. I know that I fall short of what God asks of me in more ways than I even know. I keep trying to do better each day, keep failing, and keep trying some more. Not sure what more I can say on this one. 

How much have you questioned? - As a brief background, I grew up in a very Catholic, very conservative environment without ever being a Christian. When I was a teenager I “rebelled” by switching religions, from Christianity to atheism, simply because I wanted the freedom - or what I thought was freedom - that the latter offered. I didn’t want the responsibility of answering to anyone, certainly not a God with very high standards. Atheism suited me for a long time because it didn’t require me to think.

Even once I did start questioning atheism, and then after I had realised how overwhelming the evidence is against it, I never imagined I would turn back to a religion as “narrow” as Christianity. I won’t go into the details here, but what I found was that no matter what angle I approached it from; no matter how I tried to argue Jesus away, I couldn’t. I have never tried to disprove something as hard as I tried to disprove Christianity, have never failed more completely, and have never been so happy about failing at something, because that failure led me to what - or I should say, Who - I whole-heartedly now believe is the truth. 


Stonehurst, Nova Scotia | Canada (by Nancy Rose)

When God puts something on your heart, that means it’s on His heart, too. People spend so much time worrying about whether or not God wants them to do something when He specifically placed it on their heart to do it.

Jon Pasquale

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Outdoor Perfection - Outdoor Fireplace - Buxus Topiary - Stone House - Beinfield Design


Outdoor Perfection - Outdoor Fireplace - Buxus Topiary - Stone House - Beinfield Design

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Sun Valley residence, ID. Miller Architects.

have mercy…



Sun Valley residence, ID. Miller Architects.

have mercy